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Tender’s dice are cast in England from solid brass, using the lost wax method. The die has a standard 6 sides, and the 1 spot is replaced with Tender’s Plautus face.

Before casting the dice, Tender’s jeweller created the master pattern with hand tools. This was used to make a mould, into which wax is poured. The wax is packed in plaster, and molten brass is run in, melting away the wax and hardening inside the plaster. The plaster is then broken away and the exposed die is filed and cleaned up in a tumbler with small marble chips, which rub off any small sharp edges. This process is carried out for every single dice.

The black version is stove enamelled red, by hand. Enamelling is a labour-intensive process which requires multiple layers of enamel to be built up onto the brass, with each layer being fired on a hot stove to create a smooth and hard surface. Enamel is quite a brittle material, so as the dice are used, the enamel will start to chip away, revealing the brass underneath and giving them more character and personality.

Please note that while these dice are not loaded and roll randomly, they are hand made and therefore not perfect- they should not be used for gambling.

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