£250.00 (inc VAT)

£208.33 (exc VAT)


Tender’s accessories tray is hand built in England from air-dried solid English sweet chestnut, with a floor cut from a single piece of leather, tanned in oak bark liquor for 18 months. The leather is supported on chestnut slats, which are fastened into the frame with copper nails.

The corners of the frame are mitred and fitted with timber ‘biscuits’ before being pinned and plugged, and the leather is set under a rebate so that it sits flush with the frame edge. The centre slat on the base is hand-branded with the Trestle Shop mark.

The untreated sweet chestnut and the oak bark leather will both darken and mellow with age, and the leather is soft enough that watches, ceramics, and jewellery may be set on it with risk of chipping or shocking them. The tray could also be used for serving drinks.



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