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Tender’s notepad cover is cut from the pattern used by the Metropolitan Police Force for officers’ notepads. It is made in England from leather tanned in England with wattle or oak bark, stained black or left natural and unfinished. The black version is gold foil stamped with the Trestle Shop standing Plautus.

The cover is fitted with a Rhodia #13 lined paper pad (refills are readily available) and has a second pocket for receipts, cards, or cash. This holder could also easily be used to carry a passport and travel documents.

The leather is heavily greased with mutton tallow, which keeps it supple and well-nourished. As the leather is saturated, a small amount of tallow may be visible as a white ‘bloom’ on he surface of the hide. This is a natural characteristic of this product, and can easily be wiped away if desired.

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