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Tender’s wallet is cut, sewn, and foil embossed in England from leather tanned in England with oak bark or wattle bark and chestnut. After tanning the leather is heavily greased by hand, to keep it strong and supple.

As well as a long slot for notes and paper, there are pockets for eight cards. These are full height layered pockets, rather than slots, so the cards are kept flat to reduce the chance of them cracking.

Most wallets have the cards arranged horizontally, one above the other, but if the wallet is kept in a back pocket and sat on a lot, the cards are liable to crack, as they are being strained along their length. Tender’s wallet arranges the cards vertically, next to each other, so that the strain on the cards when worn in a back pocket is along the shorter side, making the wallet flex more easily, and reducing the likelyhood of damaging the cards inside.┬áThe leather is heavily greased, which can leave a white residue on the surface of the skin- this will rub off easily, and is a desirable characteristic of this natural product.

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