£37.50 (inc VAT)

£37.50 (exc VAT)


Tender’s mouse is hand cut and completely hand sewn in England, from English-woven indigo canvas molleton.

The body is traditionally stuffed with natural wood ‘wool’, giving a sturdy, firm feel and a nice robust weight, and a Tender red blanket label is sewn onto the tummy. A length of braided cotton boot lace is sewn in as a tail, with a frayed end.

Stuffed-animal-making started as an offshoot of the upholstery trade, and this mouse is made in the same way, by drawing seams together over a tight stuffing in a ladder stitch.

The mouse has been hand made and does not meet child’s toy safety standards- intended for grown-ups only. The mouse measures approximately 8.5″ (22cm) tall.