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£120.00 (inc VAT) £100.00 (exc VAT)

Tender’s pigs are hand cut and completely hand sewn in England, from cloths woven and dyed for the main clothing collection.

The pigs are traditionally stuffed with natural wood ‘wool’, giving them a sturdy, firm feel and a nice robust weight, and a Tender red blanket label is sewn onto each tummy. The tail is constructed by hand into a tight curl.

Stuffed-animal-making started as an offshoot of the upholstery trade, and this pig is made in the same way, by drawing seams together over a tight stuffing in a ladder stitch. Steel shot is set into the feet, so that the animals stand firmly upright.

Rather than being overly anthropomorphised, Tenders animals are modelled after a real creatures. These pigs have been hand made and do not meet child’s toy safety standards- intended for grown-ups only. They measure approximately 12″ (30cm) from the snout, not including the tail.