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Tender’s bears are hand cut and completely hand sewn in England, from cloths woven for Tender’s mainline clothing production.

The bear is traditionally weighted in the feet with steel shot, so that he stands naturally, and he is stuffed with natural wood ‘wool’. A┬áTender red blanket label is sewn onto his tummy.

Bear-making started as an offshoot of the upholstery trade, and this bear is made in the same way, by drawing seams together over a tight stuffing. While later stuffed animals were cut from mohair plush (and more recently synthetics), early toys were made from dense cloths, sheepskin, or rabbit fur. This bear continues that tradition.

Rather than being overly anthropomorphised, the bear is modelled after a real cub, and stands properly on his pads, rather than sitting up. His eyes are solid black glass, and his nose and mouth are embroidered by hand. This piece has been hand made and does not meet child’s toy safety standards- it is intended for grown-ups only.