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Tender’s tea pot is hand thrown in England from natural red clay dug in England. It is slipped with natural white English clay and clear glazed. The base is left unslipped and unglazed, to reveal the original character of the earth.

Red clay dug in Stoke (as this is) has been used for teapots since the 17th Century, when it was prized for it heat-retention, keeping the tea warm longer than other pots. Because of the reddish brown colour of the fired clay, a teapot made from Stoke clay became known as a ‘Brown Betty’. While early teapots were tall and slim, 19th Century English teapots became shorter and rounder, like this example, as it was discovered that a more spherical pot would allow the tea leaves to circulate better, giving a richer, less bitter taste.

Please bear in mind that this hand-made pottery should be washed by hand, and is not suitable for microwaves, ovens, or dishwashers.

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