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Tender’s clock is framed in a solid block of sapele wood, hand turned in England. The shape is judged by eye, without a jig, as it spins on the lathe, so each piece is unique. The dial is printed onto laid card and the steel hands are painted black for legibility from a distance. The German-made quartz movement is ultra quiet, and includes a hanging bracket which site flush with the turned case.

Sapele is a hardwood similar to Mahogany, native to Africa. Its rich grain and warm colour mean it is traditionally used for the bodies of ukeleles and other musical instruments. The wood will mellow and darken with age. Rather than being varnished or stained, the finished case is polished on the lathe with a handful of sawdust from the turning itself, which acts as a fine abrasive and smoothes away any roughness from the turning chisels.

The shape of the case is based on Victorian railway station clocks, and the Plautus face logo is positioned where the winding key would be put in.

The movement takes a standard AA battery, which is included for UK orders. (International orders will be shipped without a battery as batteries can cause problems with local import regulations).

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