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Tender’s key hook is cast in England from solid brass, using the lost wax method.

The key hook should be looped around a belt before the belt is fully threaded through jeans belt loops (the space inside is tight enough that it cannot come off the belt without taking the belt off again). Then, a keyring can be slipped over the up-pointing end of the S bend. Because the key hook is held flat against the belt, a keyring slips on or off the hook without too much pressure, but once it is hanging in the open section beneath the belt, it will not ride up and off of its own accord. For extra security, the hook may be bent in, slightly, for a tight fit over the belt.

After testing out several dummy versions using coat hanger wire, Tender’s jeweller created the master pattern with hand tools. This was used to make a mould, into which wax is poured. The wax is packed in plaster, and molten brass is run in, melting away the wax and hardening inside the plaster. The plaster is then broken away and the exposed hook is filed and cleaned up.

The coppered hook will tarnish from a bright red copper to a soft green verdigris, eventually wearing away to show the brass below.

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