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Tender’s Plautus face bead bracelet is constructed from solid brass beads, individually lost wax cast, and hand strung and tied onto steel braid.

To produce the bracelet, first Tender’s jeweller made a single master bead in copper, using hand tools. This master was used to make a rubber mould, into which casting wax is poured and set multiple times to make a set of beads. These waxes are packed in plaster, and molten brass is run in, melting away the wax and hardening inside the plaster. The plaster is then broken away and the pieces are filed and cleaned up. After the first set of beads were made, an hour-glass shaped fixing loop and an end piece were built to fit, and cast in the same way. Each set of beads is then sent back to the jeweller who made the original patterns, to string and tie the bracelet together, leaving just enough slack to allow the loop to slip between two beads to fasten the bracelet. The brass pieces are polished in a vibrating tub of marble chips, but are not varnished or lacquered, so the bracelet will patinate and develop even more character over time.

The fastening loop can be fitted over the end bead for larger wrists, or for a looser fit, or over any other bead, to adjust for most wrists.

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