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Tender’s bandana woggles were designed in collaboration with The Hill-Side, good friends and Brooklyn-based producers of excellent bandanas, pocket squares, scarves, and ties.

Producing the woggle involves several stages, all carried out in England. First, Tender’s jeweller made the initial pattern from copper. This was then hand-engraved with Tender and The Hill-Side’s names, which was quite tricky on a spiralling curved surface. The finished master is then lost wax-cast, which involves a wax copy of the original being set into plaster before liquid brass in poured in, melting away the wax and filling the resulting space, leaving a casting which can be trimmed, ground down and polished with marble chips.

The woggle is stove enamelled- another labour-intensive process which requires multiple layers of enamel to be built up onto the brass, with each layer being fired on a hot stove to create a smooth and hard surface. For the ‘dabs’ woggle, after an initial smooth white ground is achieved, the enameller uses the woggles to clean his brushes on, so that each one takes dabs of all the colours he was working with over a week. Each resulting woggle is unique.

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