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26th May, 1667: I did entertain myself with my perspective glass up and down the church, by which I had the great pleasure of seeing and gazing at a great many very fine women; and what with that, and sleeping, I passed away the time till sermon was done

Tender’s metal sunglasses are hand made in England, and plated with ruthenium, traditionally used for the nibs of fountain pens. The shape is based on a pair of glasses ordered by Samuel Pepys from John Turlington in December 1666, after conversations about optics over drinks with Sir Isaac Newton.

The wires that make up the frames are hand cut, soldered, and polished, with slim screwed hinges, and the temples are straight, with bent loop ends, which allow them to be worn with a neck cord. They are delivered with a removeable leather thong and are presented wrapped in an English-woven cotton satin handkerchief.

The lenses are fully UV protective and coloured grey-brown, similar to the originals in Pepys’ glasses. Any good optician should be able to change the dark lenses of Tender’s sunglasses to prescription lenses, if desired.