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Tender’s posters are digitally printed onto heavyweight paper from artwork hand drawn and coloured especially for Tender by Laura Beattie. The posters are each hand signed by Laura. The drawings are studies taken from photographs of the Ryeland sheep who provided the wool for the Autumn/Winter 2018 clothing production, and the layout of the poster is inspired by the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Ryeland breed is one of the longest-established in Britain, thought to have originally descended from Spanish Merinos. Mediaeval records show a flock of 300 Ryeland sheep at Dore Abbey in Herefordshire, where the wool was collected and processed for shipment overseas. Ryeland wool was particularly prized in Italy and Flanders, for spinning into the finest yarns which were used as the standard for other wools. In the 16th Century, Elizabeth I is said to have received a gift of Ryeland wool stockings, and thereafter insisted on wearing only clothes made from the yarn.The ‘Wool Sack’ on the Chancellor’s seat at the House of Lords was originally stuffed with raw Ryeland fleeces.