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Special order for Tomohiro!


The Type 900 Jacket was designed based on research into vintage British Rail workwear and uniform garments, with further references to chore coats and early American jeans jackets. It was the first Tender jacket, cut with yokes grown on to the back panel, so that the shoulder is seamless and cut on the bias, for a particularly comfortable fit over time. The whole jacket is hand dyed with woad indigo, for a deep marine blue which will fade and wear beautifully.


The shoulder seam is slipped down to the front of the jacket, and an outer chest map pocket and an inner chest Conductor’s pocket (inspired by the swinging pocket bags of train conductors’ uniforms) are sewn into the chest seam on either side.


The button-out wool body lining is heavily raised on the inside only, and can be worn as a separate vest. The lining fabric is specially woven in Wales, from flecked Donegal yarn spun in Ireland, and the vest is edges are bound with ecru cotton.


The jacket is fastened with special Ten Years lost wax-cast brass buttons and is delivered with a screen printed, hand-coloured anniversary tote bag.


  • Made in England
  • Cut from 16oz 25-dips indigo ringspun cotton selvage denim, woven in Japan
  • Hand dyed with woad
  • Button-out raised woollen lining
  • Selvage facings and straps
  • Full chest map pocket
  • Lost wax cast tenth anniversary brass buttons
  • Adjustable side straps with sand cast brass loops
  • Riveted swinging inside pocket
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Delivered with a printed tenth anniversary cotton tote bag


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