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This pair of suspenders is the result of a project between Tender and Morten Kristensen’s For Holding Up The Trousers. Morten’s been a friend for a number of years, and makes his brand of suspenders and belts by hand at his workbench in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hand sewn by Morten with waxed linen thread, the back and tab sections are hand cut from Swedish vegetable-tanned leather, separated with lengths of cotton bound elastic, or Tender’s original indigo bicolore canvas, all woven in England. The tabs are fastened to the straps with forged steel T bars, which allow them to be easily unclipped without fully undoing the tab buttons from your jeans. The suspenders can be fully adjusted with solid cast brass separators, and the elasticated sections allow them to stretch slightly for comfort, while still being firm enough to support heavy jeans.

The back patch is double branded with the Plautus face and For Holding Up The Trousers’ 3715 brand. This was the number of the old pig farm where Morten grew up, and he found the spiked branding iron in an outbuilding. The suspenders are packed with a set of hand made ceramic buttons, made in Denmark by Morten’s mother.

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