Type 427 Periscope Pocket Shirt



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The Periscope Pocket Tail Shirt is made with pockets which echo the large chest pockets of generic work shirts, accessed from the middle at the top. Periscope pockets have an additional opening at the lower outside, so they can also be used as hand-warmers. Larger objects could be fed in and pulled out from the top, hands and smaller items can be slipped in from the sides.


  • Made in England
  • Cut from lightweight cotton with split double faces, woven using the same technique employed for car airbags, or cotton calico with indigo or Ryeland wool doppler stripes . All fabrics woven in England
  • Rinsed to shrink, or dyed with woad, red ochre, or Indian black
  • Pleated false faced cuffs
  • Olive wood buttons
  • 100% cotton thread shrunk to form puckered seams