Type 742 Wool Pattern Cardigan




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Type 742 cardigans are hand frame knitted in Scotland from rope-dyed indigo cotton. The knitting pattern is taken from a traditional lambswool men’s cardigan, however the non-traditional yarn used for this piece, taken from Tender’s denim warp, makes for a more relaxed, unusual, garment. The front is fastened with dead stock real horn buttons.


The indigo yarn skews clockwise, as with rinsed unsanforized denim jeans. Indigo cotton cardigans and hats are knitted from 25-dip deep indigo dyed weaving yarn (taken directly from production of Tender denim). It is very unusual to use denim weaving yarn in other fabrics, especially knit, as it is so deeply dyed and otherwise unfinished. These knitted pieces will wear and fade like a pair of raw denim jeans- a certain amount of indigo will be lost from the surface of the garment as it wears in, revealing the lighter coloured cotton fibres underneath over time. The yarn has also not been ‘skewed’ or pre-treated- when raw, untreated denim jeans are washed the yarn tries to untwist back to its fibres’ original position, and this causes the legs of jeans to twist. Likewise, the indigo cardigan has the full skewing of a pair of unsanforized jeans after a first wash. As the knitwear relaxes with some wear it will straighten down to a more regular drape. When new, you may experience some colour transfer from the raw indigo, and care should be taken with light coloured garments and furniture. Please wash separately for the first couple of washes, after which time there should be no more colour transfer.


  • Made in Scotland
  • Hand framed
  • Knit from rope-dyed ring-spun indigo cotton yarn
  • Rinsed to shrink and twist