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The Janus Jacket has two large patch pockets sewn into the inside of the garment, each divided with a stitch across the centre into a lower hand-warmer and an upper storage pocket. The lower pockets are reached through long splits in the side seams. The pocket corners are riveted from the inside, so the copper rivet backs show on the outside of the garment.

Cotton Molleton starts as the cotton canvas base Unfinished Cotton Molleton, but is heavily raised on carding rollers to create a very soft, felted surface similar to an extremely soft and dense moleskin. Molleton fabric is used industrially to cover the pads used in heat presses for the setting of fine worsted woollens and flannels.


The indigo version shows the process of raising particularly beautifully: as the fibres are lifted out of the cloth, the undyed core of the yarn is exposed leaving a subtle repeated pattern in the surface of the fabric.


  • Made in England
  • Custom made stamped solid copper buttons
  • Copper riveted pocket corners
  • 100% cotton thread