Wool Oil And Beeswax Salve


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Tradition has it that workers in the wool processing mills of 19th Century Britain had particularly soft hands. Fleece was cleaned and sorted by hand, and the natural oils in the wool which keep it healthy and water repellent were rubbed into the workers’ skin.

Tender’s salve is made in England with natural wool oil, sweet almond oil, and natural beeswax, scented with pure essential oils. It is intended to be rubbed gently between the hands or onto any dry skin, to soften and moisturise.

Vetiver, or vetivert, is distilled from the root of Vetiveria Zizanioides and has a dry, smoky scent. Cypress essential oil comes from Cupressus Sempervirens, the Mediterranean Cypress, and has a lighter, sharper perfume. Rather than being blended with other oils, as is usually the case in perfumery, these salves are made with just one unadulterated essence which allows the natural subtleties of the plants to develop.

Tender’s salves are made without palm oil. They are hand poured at 109g/3.8oz into coloured glass jars with black bakelite lids.