A Pair Of Hand Whittled Clothes Pegs



£16.67 (inc VAT)

£16.67 (exc VAT)


Tender’s extra large clothes pegs are designed to be used with heavy denim jeans. They have been hand whittled in England from solid English ash, and are packed in wood shavings from their production.

First a piece of ash is split off a trunk of semi-green air dried ash. This is then held in the clamp of a shave horse, and a peg shape is drawn out of the stick with a two-handled knife. The edges are bevelled by hand with a smaller knife, and a hole is drilled through one end with a hand drill. This hole allows the blades of the peg to spring, without splitting.

The peg is cut with a rough saw, leaving an uneven texture inside, improving grip. Finally the hole is countersunk and the edges of the blades are cleaned with sandpaper, before the pegs are hand-stamped with the TENDER brand.

Springiness will improve as the timber ages and seasons. If necessary it can be oiled or waxed, but it should not need any special treatment.

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