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The hides for Tender’s leather goods are tanned in England with oak bark or wattle. The final stage in the preparation of the leather is a heavy dressing with dubbin made from mutton tallow. Over time leather can dry out a little, and to keep it in top condition it’s a good idea to grease it occasionally. While other leather conditioners and oils are a blend of different substances, Tender’s Boot Grease is 100% pure mutton tallow, taken directly from the original dubbin which was used on the leather in the tannery.

As well as improving the suppleness and waterproofing of the leather, Boot Grease will darken unstained leather, giving it a richer character and bringing out the inconsistencies and personality of the hide. Tender’s Boot Grease is suitable for use on all leathers, and can be used on boots and shoes, belts, wallets, and other goods.

To apply, first ensure that the leather is clean and dry. Use your finger or a smooth cloth to scoop up some grease from the tin, and rub it into the leather as evenly as possible- including the edges of belts, stitch lines of wallets, and the welt of boots and shoes. Leave it to sink in and repeat as necessary- when the leather is saturated the grease will no longer sink in, and any excess grease can be wiped off, but it’s not necessary to take it this far.