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Tender’s key rings are cut in England from a solid block of steel. The steel is oil hardened and waxed, leaving it a deep black colour, with heat markings which make each piece unique. Oil hardening involves heating the steel, which is relatively soft, to red hot, then plunging it into oil, which chemically alters the surface on the metal, making it much harder and more resistant to knocks. The steel plate is mounted onto a nickel plated stainless steel split keyring.

Titus Maccius Plautus was a Roman playwright (254-184BC) whose work included translating and adapting Greek comedies for a Roman audience. Sometimes considered the first plagiarist, he can also be seen as part of an oral tradition which allowed stories to develop and evolve. This makes a nice parallel with the manner in which jeans and workwear came into their current forms.

The baby elephant, wearing boots, is the younger sibling of the full size Elephant Bottle Opener, and may also be used to open bottles in an emergency.

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