Tender’s 16oz blue-line selvage denim is custom-woven in Japan, then shipped to the UK loomstate, to be finished or cut and sewn directly.

Ring-spun unbleached American cotton is rope dyed with 25 dips of pure indigo, with no back tinting or sulphur, giving an exceptionally dark blue-black fabric which fades beautifully with wear, and forms an excellent base for other natural and historical overdyes.

The yarn is heavily starched during the weaving process, so it arrives quite stiff and will soften considerably as it ages. Because it has not been pre-skewed, the yarn unwinds with washing, causing the clothing to twist and shape to the body.

Denim molleton is the same base denim fabric, woven in Japan and then heavily raised through spiked rollers in the UK, giving it a soft fluffy surface similar to a heavy flannel or moleskin.

Unborn denim jeans are packed immediately after sewing- they will arrive considerably oversized and shrink down to fit with their first wash or hot soak. Buy your normal size.

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