Please contact us with all sizing enquiries, we’re more than happy to give fit advice and specific measurements.

As well as garments from the current season collection, the Tender Stores stocks clothing from previous productions, one-off pieces, and repeat runs of earlier designs. The natural materials used to make all Tender clothes can also cause slight variations from piece to piece. Measurements may vary from style to style, so we welcome sizing and measurements enquiries.

All measurements given are taken from the garment as it will be delivered, apart from shrink-to-fit garments (Unborn denim and raw ecru Tshirt interlock) which will arrive large and will shrink to the correct size with washing: if this is relevant it will be mentioned on the product page. All garments may shrink marginally depending on the washing and drying methods used, however with the exception of shrink-to-fit styles they will generally stretch out again with normal wear.

Clothing Sizes

Here are Tender sizes with equivalent tag sizes:

Size 1: 28″ waist / XS
Size 2: 30″ waist / S
Size 3: 32″ waist / M
Size 4: 34″ waist / L
Size 5: 36″ waist / XL
Size 6: 38″ waist / XXL

Please note that these waist measurements are a guide only and may vary from style to style. Please contact us with any specific sizing questions.

Belt Sizes

Length To Middle Hole: Flat measurement from where the leather is folded over the buckle to the middle hole. Tender’s belts typically have 5 holes spaced 1″ apart, so if the length to the middle hole is 35″, then the belt will fit 33″-37″. Where the belt does not have holes, the measurement is taken from the buckle to the standard suggested wearing point on the leather.

Size 1: 29″
Size 2: 31″
Size 3: 33″
Size 4: 35″
Size 5: 37:
Size 6: 39″

If your size is not listed, please contact us, as it may be possible to make a belt up for you.


Shoes and Boots are sized in whole UK sizes. Tender shoes and boots fit true to size, and are quite wide. We do not offer alternative width fittings.