These garments and accessories have been knitted in Scotland using heavy gauge soft woollen Donegal yarn, spun in County Donegal, Ireland. Donegal yarns are usually woven, rather than knitted, and are famous for their random flecks of contrasting coloured fibre spun into the main shade, a style which developed over centuries of home-spinning.

“The Donegal Weaver was, and indeed still is, a singular type of man. He normally has a long Celtic face with good long-fingered hands, a highly sensitive touch, and an inherent feeling for colour, amazingly dexterous feet and an inbuilt sense of rhythm.This freedom of move- ment is vigorously displayed in the skillful dancing of jigs and reels at the weaver’s parties held each year in Donegal Town.” Aranwear and Tweed, Linda Reade, 1973.

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