Belts, boots, and other leather goods are cut from oak bark or wattle tanned leather, made in England at a tannery where leather has been produced, by largely unchanged methods, since Roman times.

The traditional bark tannage takes up to 18 months, during which time the hides are moved between successively stronger tan pits.The tannins in the woods slowly cure the skins and produce a rich, dense leather which mellows and improves in character with age and use.

Bark and wood chips from the wattle (or mimosa) tree, are used mixed with chestnut to produce a slightly softer, more flexible leather, suitable for lighter weight items which would be too stiff if cut from oak bark tanned skin.

After tanning and staining, the leather is given a final heavy dressing with mutton tallow dubbin. This is left on the finished article, visable as a white bloom on the surface of the grain. The bloom will rub off the leather quite easily, but ensures that the item stays supple until it is ready to wear.


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