All of Tender’s clothes and accessories are made in the UK. This is partly a matter of convenience as factories, ateliers, and maker’s homes are all no more than a drive away from the studio, but also because there is a particular character and personality to different countries’ production: making and designing in parallel, in the same location, seem to lead to products with more integrity and coherence. Garments are sewn by a husband and wife team of two, in their own small factory in the Midlands. 

One of the reasons that Tender’s clothes have their own special feel is the selection of machines used. Even lightweight shirts are produced on heavy machines designed for workwear and industrial purposes. By retooling and adjusting to allow for the fabric weight, garments come out with uniquely twisted or puckered seams. Longer stitch patterns give a feeling of practicality, but also avoid damaging the fabrics with unnecessary punctures and allow slight flexibility in the seams, helping the clothes to mould and form even better to the wearer’s body over time.


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