£37.50 (inc VAT)

£37.50 (exc VAT)


Tender’s watch strap is cut and made in England, from supple leather wattle bark-tanned in England. The buckle and loop are sand-cast from solid brass, also in England. After tanning the leather is stained by hand, or left natural, then heavily greased. The leather will will darken and patinate with age to become unique and personal. Black and brown stained leathers may show a bloom of white tallow, which will quickly rub off.

This strap is made in the ‘NATO’ style, so called because of its use on NATO uniforms, where it was chosen for its adjustability (an original longer NATO strap can be worn over the sleeve of a jacket) and it’s reliability- because the strap runs underneath both spring bars of the watch, rather than fixing to each of them, the watch will remain in place even if one spring bar fails.

The reverse of the strap is silver foil-stamped, and the fittings are fastened with strong thread. The strap width is 18mm, making it suitable for most vintage men’s watches, and all GS/TP watches.