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The Buggy Back Shirt takes its unusual shape and name from a traditional British tailoring technique for lining casual sports jackets. Rather than fully lining the jacket, the fronts are lined but the back is ‘buggy lined’ with triangles of lining fabric set into the shoulder seams, overlapping at the centre. The Buggy Back Shirt has no side seams- the fronts wrap around and overlap into the opposite side’s back armhole. Large front hand pockets allow the shirt to be pulled down and worn as a jacket.The high back allows easy access to back jeans pockets, and can be layered with a Tshirt or a button-down tail shirt.


  • Made in England
  • Cut from heavyweight ecru cotton designed to sump machine oil in an engineering parts factory, or lightweight cotton with split double faces, woven using the same technique employed for car airbags, or cotton calico with indigo or Ryeland wool doppler stripes . All fabrics woven in England
  • Rinsed to shrink, or dyed with red ochre or Indian black
  • Pleated false faced cuffs
  • Olive wood buttons
  • 100% cotton thread shrunk to form puckered seams