£145.00 (inc VAT)

£120.83 (exc VAT)


Blanket Scarves are woven across the full width of the loom, or knitted across the full width of the knitting machine, to make a generously sized rectangle which can be twisted up as a scarf or worn loose as a shawl. Scarves are cut from pieces of fabric used to test weaving and dyeing techniques, and each is sized slightly differently.


When new, you may experience some colour transfer from the knitted indigo versions, and care should be taken with light coloured garments and furniture. Please wash separately for the first couple of washes, after which time there should be no more colour transfer.


  • Woven scarves made in England
  • Fabrics woven in England
  • Knitted scarves made in Scotland
  • Knitted from 3-ply natural linen weaving yarn, rope-dyed ring-spun indigo cotton yarn, or folded indigo cotton and natural linen yarn