Tender Co. has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. All of Tender’s clothes, accessories, and objects are carefully researched, designed, and made in England.

The Trestle Shop takes its name from railway trestle bridges of the 19th Century, and operates from the top of a trestle table, rather like a market stall or a spare parts bench in a locomotive repairs workshop. This is a project of Tender designer William Kroll and his wife Deborah, working from our home in the West Country. We sell pieces made parallel to the core Tender collection, including experimental and unconventional items which come about during the development of the main line.

We have very limited stock, sometimes just one piece of any design. We may sometimes make repeats, but this is an evolving project, so we cannot promise if or when designs will be remade.

Tender’s main line of clothing and accessories is available from the Tender Stores, and these stockists. More information about Tender is available at madebytender.com. Tender’s second line, SLEEPER, is based on C20th British Rail uniforms, and is made in Japan. GS/TP, a watch brand inspired by British military and ordnance pieces can be found at gstp.watch. Please contact enquiries@tenderstores.com with any questions.