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Tender’s fishtail coin purse is cut, sewn, and foil embossed in England from leather tanned in England with oak bark, wattle and chestnut, or from special Household Cavalry white buffed leather.

Prior to the widespread use of internal pockets in garments, purses similar to this would be worn on a belt or string. The Elizabethan cutpurse was a petty street criminal who would cut the cord attaching a purse and make off with it. We suggest you keep this coin purse in your pocket, to avoid this.

The black version is hand dyed with black Logwood, from the Campeche tree. As the leather is heavily greased before and after hand-dyeing, beautiful irregularities appear in the dye, causing subtle patterns of different shades of black and brown. Over time, the dye and leather will gain even more character and patina. Please note that as it is hand-dyed, the dye may rub off onto light coloured clothes in the early stages of its use.

The hand printed version has been block printed on an antique ‘Albion’ press, with a lemon-wood block hand carved by Chris Daunt, especially for Tender. Over time the ink will fade as the leather darkens, leaving a subtle relief.

The white version is cut from the leather used by the British Household Cavalry for white dress belts and fittings, and as a very dry handle which will pick up marks from denim clothing and general use very quickly, giving it a unique patina. If desired, it may be cleaned with a pencil eraser.

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