Weaver's Stock Type Ws922 Flannel-lined Corduroy Curve Front Jacket



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£312.50 (exc VAT)

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Weaver’s Stock garments are made using deadstock fabrics from British weaving mills, sewn in a small factory in the Midlands.

The Weaver’s Stock Curve Front Jacket is fully bag lined but is cut without facings, so that the woollen lining fabric is visible at the coat edges and around the neck. Lined pockets are shaped to follow the curve of the jacket fronts, and are sewn in after the garment is lined, holding the panels flat and leaving a visible stitch line inside the jacket. The sleeves are lined with striped mattress ticking, making them easier to slip on and off over other clothing.

The deadstock English-woven corduroy is cut with the pile facing down the garment, so that water will run off the surface of the fabric down the gutters created between the ridges of pile (the original purpose of corduroy fabric as a practical country cloth).


  • Made in England
  • Rinsed to shrink
  • White melamine buttons